The Center For Traditional Martial Arts is an organization that teaches traditional martial arts classes.  The classes focus on traditional martial arts but teaches ways to utilize those lessons in modern applications .  There are classes offered in Marysville, Ohio and Zanesfield, Ohio.

Class Descriptions

Youth Karate
This class focuses on building strong character in our younger students through the time tested art of karate…more
  Adult Beginner Karate
This class is designed for the adult student that is interested in “trying out” the martial arts…more
TaiChi                                            Adult – Karatejutsu
This class is for the serious adult student who is interested in advancing through the Martial arts to a high degree of skill…more                                                                  
The Tai Chi curriculum is mostly based from a “wild goose” style of Qi Gong, broken down into easy to learn exercises one can take home and perform. This is a low impact class, customizable for individual strength and flexibility levels. The slow flowing movements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong have been shown to help improve many aspects of your overall health and well-being. This class will only be offered at the Zanesfield dojo by appointment only taught by Sensei Jessy Fergusuon.